What Is Considered To Be The Very Best Quadcopter Tracker?


The truth is this. People do spend a nice little sum for drones and Quadcopters. Therefore, it only makes perfect sense to protect them, and this security is especially true if a drone or Quadcopter does fall down from the sky somehow and gets lost. You will not be able to locate your quadcopter without some means to track it down. This is why it is highly advised to have some form of quadcopter tracker that you can depend on, in times such as these, when you aren’t physically able to keep tabs on your quadcopter while it is in flight. The best offense is a good defense. With all this said, you should indeed find the very best quadcopter tracker that is on the market, but exactly what is considered to be the very best quadcopter tracker? Please read on to learn more. You will be very glad that you did. Because, to be honest, these flying wonders do need to be made secure, especially if they come falling out of the sky for whatever reason.


What is considered to be the very best Quadcopters tracker? Everyone has their own opinions of what does make the finest quadcopter tracker. Some may say it is GPS/GSM type trackers. However, the very best Quadcopters tracker is the one, which you feel safest using for your quad copter’s security during the time that it is in flight. It is best to have a Quadcopters/plane/drone covered by some form of tracking device that will keep it safe while it is flying about up in the sky. You put enough money into the cost of these high tech devices and it pays to keep them secure and safe. Because, to be honest, these Quadcopters are just as precious, as is any other type of recreational device or thing that you may have for your hobby or pleasure time.


The best quadcopter tracker is the quadcopter tracker that proves to work the best for the safety of your quadcopter. It is simple as that. If one were to recommend a high quality and dependable quadcopter tracker, one brand would immediately come to mind, and that brand is no other than Trackimo GPS Tracker. Trackimo GPS Tracker can help you to keep perfect track on your quadcopter. It is a quadcopter tracking device that will send instant alerts to your cellphone should a quadcopter suffer a flyaway. You will always know where your quadcopter is, whenever it is out of sight, and this fact brings peace of mind.

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UAV Trackers & Drone Tech

Okay, the truth is this, people do love their little flyers a whole lot. Who wouldn’t love drones? They were created to make a buzz and to bring excitement into individuals lives who are passionate about them. Plain and simple. There is no sugarcoating the truth. Drones are indeed special flying machines and they have a unique technology that makes them every inch high tech in their own one of a kind way. Therefore, when you take them out to be flown, sure there will be a worry about if they may get lost somewhere in flight. However, if you have a very good UAV tracker on them, they should be a okay. Unfortunately, no one can say when a drone can get downed, and the whereabouts of said drone can become a mystery. This is why, in light of this fact, a person who has invested in a drone should make sure that his or her drone has a UAV tracker attached to the drone.


What is the best UAV tracker out there? Please read on to learn more. You will be very glad that you did. Because, to be honest, if you can put money on a drone. You can also add a little extra money to purchase security for it. Security in this case is no other a high quality and reliable UAV tracker that will be there to care if the drone somehow loses its ability to fly and is grounded. The UAV tracker will be there to help the owner of the drone be able to locate it. No drone should get lost and not be found. Especially if it is a drone that is much loved by its owner. Having a there for them UAV tracker can surely make a difference between a drone that is forever lost and a drone that will be found.


What is the best of all UAV tracker choices on the market? One UAV tracker device that is highly recommended is no other than the TrackR. What makes the TrackR stand out is very clear. It is that the TrackR is a UAV tracker that is small in size, coin-sized to be exact, and it can be easily attached to the drone itself. The tracking app that belongs to this UAV tracker is free. This means that both iPhones and Androids can use the app with no charge. What the TrackR does is to sound off an alarm, and this is when, it does get within 100 feet in range of your drone.

What Are Some Top Drones For Kids?

drone for kidsOne must admit it. Drones are indeed every inch fascinating, exciting, and do seem to beat out everyday kites. Therefore, with this said, drones are indeed popular for this reason. There are all sorts of drones out there on the market. They come in various sizes, shapes, and varying prices. However, the majority of high-end drones are something that are made for adults, and not for children at all. What are some top drones for kids? Please read on to learn more. You will be glad you did. There are awesome and very affordable drone options for kids as young as five years old. Any drones that are bought for kids should be flown only in areas that are safe and are supervised by adults.

What are some top drones for kids? Here are some great drones for little ones and older ones from a total kid aspect. There are great drone choices for different age groups. They are as follows:

1) The Haktoys 2014 Dragonfly Bee RTF Mini Helicopter – (Ideal for 5 to 8 year old kids) 

dragon flyThe Haktoys Mini Helicopter is the perfect drone for a young child’s introduction to the world of drone technology. This is because the Haktoys Dragonfly Bee Helicopter Mini has a very child-friendly design that is appealing to young children and the perfect choice for youngsters who aren’t yet prepared to fly models that are much more difficult in description. The Haktoys Dragonfly Bee is also very easy to fly and can be bought for as low as a $35 price tag.

 2) The KiiToys Quadcopter Drone – (Ideal for 8 to 12 year old kids) –

The KiiToys Quadcopter DroneThe KiiToys Quadcopter Drone is one of the smallest of all drones on the market. This drone is the perfect choice for both younger and older kids. Why is that? The reason is clear. It is a drone that can provide an experience that is every inch colorful and exciting for kids within this specific age range. It has a unique 6 Axis design that totally gives this tiny drone flight that is very stable and does permit indoor floor that is very safe in every way. These little drones are flashy, fun, and something that every family member will love to fly just because. One flight can last up to 8 minutes in length and are very sturdy/efficient models in all the right way. The price is also affordable and nice. They come available in a 4-pack choice too.

3) The UDI 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro Quadcopter – (Ideal for 12 to 16 year old kids) –

The UDI 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro QuadcopterThe UDI 4 CH Gyro Quadcopter is without a doubt, one of the most popular of all novice level drones, and it is just the right drone for those kids who are slightly older and want something a bit more sleek in appearance. This drone has quality features that are top of the line and a design that is compact. What makes this drone so great is one fact. What is that fact? It is no other than the fact that it has a radius control distance of 100 feet and a 6 Axis Gyro that permits movement in a wide variety of ways. This movement can go forward, backward, side to side, and also diagonally with a special controlled posture. This controlled posture is something that allows safe and convenient enjoyment in every way. The UDI Quadcopter comes with a very nice camera and is affordable in price.

Best FPV Goggles I Can Find

Best FPV Goggles I Can Find

Hello kids and kiddos and ladies and gents! Welcome back to my FPV Drone racing blog.

I wanted to spend a little time going over the important concerns when it comes to finding FPV Drone Goggles.

These goggles are the most important thing next to your actual little drone buddy that you’re flying out there. I call mine Daisy! 🙂

These goggles come in many shapes and sizes and can be expensive as heck or cheaper than dirt if you know how to put a system together yourself.

I’ve used this fpv drone goggles system site whenever I need to find out new information or get answers to my questions about putting together drone goggles.

When you’re looking for goggles you’re going to need a couple of basic items.

  1. Transmitter receiver to connect goggles to drone
  2. Camera to send video feed to goggles
  3. Actual headset goggles where you’re going to see the video!

These things you can all find online and you can find different directions about how to put them all together as well.

The Most important thing you want to be aware of is what band you’re going to broadcast your goggle channel on, 2.4 ghz.

In the United States you have to be aware of what band things are allowed to transmit on and make sure you’re setup properly, it can actually be against the law if you don’t set things up right.

Screens and goggles and glasses continued to evolve into new and interesting formats. Always keep your nose in the air when searching for new ways to setup you fpv goggle system. The best thing in this industry is that it’s fast moving and you can always find really cool new upgrades to make your fpv glasses system work better!

Keep your eyes open and fly straight my friends ! Drone On and Race like heck!



FPV Goggle Drone Racing

FPV Goggle Drone Racing

Welcome one and all to the FPV Goggle Drone Racing club website. My name is James Hamilton… Yes very much like the president from some time long long ago!

I’m a drone racing addict and I’m here to create the most fantastic blog about FPV Drone Racing that I can possibly make!

I spend a lot of my free time studying FPV Goggles and trying to come up with new ways to make my quadcopter go faster so I can win more races.

For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, you can check out the DRL, “Drone Racing League.”

This is the best of the best league, I don’t fly in it but hopefully someday I will!

I fly mostly in small races around my hometown of Chicago, and I street race with my friends. Let me tell you though, this is probably the most fun thing I’ve ever done with my life. Racing drones is a blast and especially when you do it with FPV Glasses, and all you can see is what the drone sees!

Drone Racing is a great new top speed racing sport. Pilots, train for months and years to fly quad-copter drones through sweet 3-d courses at up to 120 miles per hour. Drone Racing League quads are built for speed, and performance! P

Pilots are only allowed to steer from the point of view of the drone by wearing FPV goggles that display a Live image transmitted by an Onboard camera.

This type of flying is an amazing and intense experience and it’s fun to watch to!

Just check out this Drone Racing League promo video!

I could spend all day talking about my little quad named Daisy! She’s a yellow jacket out there on the race course and I win with her most of the time in my races with friends!

The reason I love this sport so much, well there are actually various reasons I love it so much, check them out:

  • Crazy Fast and Intense Headrush Racing FPV
  • Immersive Experience, You Are The Drone!
  • Kickass Environment, Everyone I Know Who Races Is Cool
  • Nothing More Fun Than Drone Racing

If you’re not sold yet on this sport, you’ve got to come out and check out a DRL race sometime. They have a schedule for all their events you can check out at their drone race homepage.

They just held a sweet race in Miami on Feb, 22, 2016. You Can Watch the race here. 

They’re going to hold another race in Los Angeles, the date is still to be announced. I wish I lived a little closer to either of those venues because I would definitely go!